Krypton is the world’s first exchange that provides complete protection against all sources of hidden costs in trading.  

The cheapest way to trade

Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to benefit from Krypton's approach, so you get the trade you want at a fair and cost-effective price. 

Easy to Use

Krypton's trade mechanism is not just more efficient than other trading venues in DeFi: It’s more efficient than any other exchange in finance. 

The Best Prices

Krypton prevents front-running and adverse selection, creating a cost-effective haven for all the traders out there who don't engage in arbitrage.

No Hidden Costs

Trading shouldn’t be so costly

Crypto traders, especially those who trade large volumes, face enormous hidden costs to execute even simple transactions—and it’s because no one has been able to fully prevent the many ways that toxic traders can take advantage of everyone else.
Not until now, that is.

Krypton makes trading fair

Our trading mechanism fully protects users against all forms of predatory trading and their associated hidden costs. With Krypton, it’s finally simple and cost-effective to trade crypto.

In fact, we’re more cost-efficient than any other exchange in finance.

How it Works

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