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We believe that DeFi provides the opportunity to re-architect financial infrastructure in a new and better way - one that is more transparent, more cost-efficient, and fairer towards market participants. 

Today we're building the world's first exchange that is designed to target best execution - that goal is built right into the economic mechanism of the system. Our platform is supported by Chainlink (Krypton took the DeFi prize in Chainlink's Fall 2021 Hackathon) and numerous fantastic partners, including Framework Ventures and the AllianceDAO.

We believe in DeFi

Multi-disciplinary talent 


Spanning multiple fields, our team of top-tier talent is great not only for its depth of expertise, but for the sense of community we share. 



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We're not currently hiring, but we have big plans and would love for you to be a part of them. Shoot us a message with your info so we can keep in touch for the future!

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