Michael is a former professor of Mathematical Finance at Boston University, with a focus on macro-asset pricing, dynamic portfolio optimization, and stochastic processes. Prior to co-founding Krypton, he worked in quantitative asset management, where he realized that the persistent inefficiences in markets could be solved with better solutions in DeFi.


Michael Nowotny

Nathan Moore

Nathan has over 25 years in leading software and infrastructure teams in VC-backed startups. He has grown and exited several successful startups, including one which was acquired by MySpace. Nathan brings experienced management and skill for building teams and fostering growth.

Anna Wroblewska

Anna has worked across the asset management industry in financial marketing for nearly 15 years, reaching audiences ranging from auto-enrolled 401(k) participants to sovereign wealth funds. She leads the design and execution of Krypton's positioning, marketing, and communications.

The KRypton team

The Krypton community is lively, friendly, and a little quirky. Our team of multi-disciplinary talents is top-tier, and and we believe our collective sense of humor is also top-tier. 



Joseph Cachaldora

Recent graduate from Caltech with a B.S. in applied mathematics. Interested in Stochastic Modeling, Monte Carlo Methods, Game Theory and their applications. 

Quantitative Researcher

Pythagorean Cultist 

PythagoreanCultist holds an undergraduate degree in physics from Caltech. He is interested in physics and philosophy, mathematical finance, and the statistics of cryptocurrency markets.

Quantitative Researcher

Spencer Gordon

Computer Science PhD from Caltech University and postdoc at Liverpool University. Specialization in theoretical computer science and algorithmic game theory.

Researcher and Senior Software Engineer  

Research & Development

Jenish C Mehta

Jenish is currently working on fixed-precision algorithms for the core order matching engine and the smart-contract mechanics. Previously, he obtained his PhD in theoretical computer science at Caltech.

Researcher and Senior Software Engineer  

Ivana Brkić

Front- and back-end developer with experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database management.

Software Engineer


Ignjat Rajak

Ignjat is an experienced developer helping to lead quality design efforts. He has an extensive background in engineering and a keen interest in finance.

Senior Software Engineer

Andreas Nowotny

Fullstack engineer with background in mathematics and physics.

Software Engineer

Stefan Stojanović  

Software engineer/developer with experience in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and Web3 technology.

DevOps Engineer

Gaby García

Multi-talented graphic designer and illustrator with nearly a decade of experience in financial services marketing. 

Graphic Designer

Ilija Jovanovic

Ilija leads creative direction for both product design and marketing. He is a specialist in user experience design across product categories and marketing channels.

Creative Director


Dylan Hunzeker

Web3 VC investor and author of - Cryptocurrency and Independent Academic Research Funding and Cryptocurrency and Independent Scientific Funding.

Business Development Advisor

Partner at Helix and experienced founder and advisor/accelerator to over 50 startups.


Strategic Advisor

Professor of Economics at UCLA and specialist in market microstructure.

Pierre-Olivier Weill

Academic Advisor



We're always excited to hear from talented individuals with a passion for building something new. 

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