Krypton’s January Build Update

Hey world! Here’s what we’re working on right now. 

Market-making algorithm and order execution assistant: We talked a little bit about why these components of the exchange are so important last month. Michael and Pierre are still heavily engrossed in the math on these, with research papers and math proofs in the works. We’ll share when ready! 

On the main exchange operations, in January we began working in earnest on our blockchain extractor. This critical exchange infrastructure pulls data from blockchains and into a relational database that we can use to feed our trade optimization engines. 

Make vs. Buy 

One question a couple of people have asked is why spend time building our own blockchain extractor rather than buying it? 

We did look at a couple of off-the-shelf options, but we realized we’d need to customize them anyway. So we figured we’d get the best results writing it from scratch. This gives us the flexibility to filter for the datasets that we’re most interested in. 

The core blockchains we’re extracting data from right now are Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. We run our own nodes for each for performance purposes (i.e., accessibility to data in the shortest amount of time possible). 


Join our next AMA on Thursday, Feb 16 at 9:30 am PST. Pop into our Discord to join!


Come hang out with us at ETHDenver! We’ll be at several events starting Feb 25th, and we’d also like to warmly invite you to a party we’re co-hosting with our friend and investor Dylan Hunzeker. 

It is 80s themed so please feel free to get in character (not required), and yes, there will be swag.

If you’d like to join please DM us on Twitter!

Space is limited so reply early, and if you really want to make sure there’s room you can also hit up Anna and offer her a nice bottle of whiskey (kidding of course, you don’t need to do that (but I mean, you can)).

Stay tuned!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress through these blog posts. If you want to chat, we are keeping an eye on our Twitter even though we’re not hanging out there a whole lot, and you can also find us on Discord or Telegram.

Thanks again for all your support.