Feb/March Build Update

We’re back (and fully recovered!) from ETHDenver! Really appreciate the 500+ people (according to the bartender anyway) that showed up for the 80s house party we co-hosted with some wonderful humans — what an awesome chance to meet so many new friends and reconnect with old ones.

The rest of the week was a blur of activity, but we had a ton of great meetings and new ideas, and now we’re back working at Krypton HQ.

New Faces, More Math

We recently hired a few quants from Caltech to help refine the build on the exchange and move it towards testnet. We’re excited to start putting the pieces together and testing, and we’ll be sharing the results as we go.

Algorithm Verification

Our data pipelines are pretty much up and running, which means we can turn our attention to verifying the market making research provided by our academic advisor at UCLA. Essentially, we’ll be robustness-testing the algorithms that will eventually power our market making bot, which will help market makers manage inventory on Krypton.

(You might have heard Michael say at one point or another that one of the key benefits Krypton offers market makers is the ability to react to informed traders before they can fully monetize that information against a market maker. Our market making bot is there to make that process easier.)

Events & Media

As the guts of the exchange start getting built out, you’ll continue to see a bit less of Michael than any of us would like. But it’s for a good cause!

Nathan spoke at a Chainlink BUILD event on March 14 at at UCLA. This was such an awesome conversation with Zubin Pratap from Chainlink and Slater Heil from Blueberry Protocol. Hoping to share some video of the event next week!

We also have some pretty cool media news: Krypton will be featured in Advancements, an educational program hosted by Ted Danson. The episode is slated to go live around late July. (Learn more about it here!)

Don’t be a Stranger

We’re still being a little bit quiet over here in terms of social media and marketing, but it’ll get noisier soon.

Our primary focus remains on building the most cost-efficient exchange in finance, which isn’t a super small feat. Don’t be a stranger if you have any questions about what we’re working on — we’re here in the office mainlining coffee and doing cool stuff that we can’t wait to share with you.

Krypton is dedicated to the idea that functional markets are fair markets, where you can get the trade you want at a cost that makes sense. Our academic roots are the foundation of our novel approach to solving the challenges of building a decentralized financial system, and we’re proud to offer a truly novel approach to exchange architecture with the Krypton DEX.