Krypton is a newly minted member of the Blockchain Association, a group that advocates for crypto in Washington. Here’s why we are so excited — it has a lot to do with our view on regulation in crypto.

Why We Joined the Blockchain Association

January 14, 2023

“Price slippage” in crypto trading (or any trading) is the difference between the price you expect and the price you get. Of course, you might know that part and be wondering why it happens. Let’s find out.

What is Price Slippage? (And why should you care?)

January 13, 2023

Hello, world! We wanted to start sharing regular project updates. We are deep in build mode over here, which involves not just coding and UX but a whole lot of math. Here’s what we’re working on right now.

Krypton’s December Build Update

January 13, 2023

Trading is complicated enough when you’re just punching numbers into a black box. Here’s a little history on trading mechanics and why we believe that what we’re doing is going to help DeFi.

How DeFi Exchanges Work

January 10, 2023

It would be easy to treat the FTX story as just another example of why crypto is dangerous. But it’s much deeper: This is the story of why centralized finance is dangerous.

This is the Moment for DeFi

December 7, 2022